Head to Head

Once you have drafted your team, compete head-to-head against friends based on how your players perform each Premier League gameweek. Be the master of your own league or get left behind!

Enchanced Scoring

We score on 18 different statistics for each player, in every game. Use our stats deck to find game-changing differentials and tip the game in your favour.

Trade Players

Each team in your league is unique - no player can be owned by two teams. This allows you to manage your squad and arrange a trade with your friends based on trends that you notice first!

Draft System

We have created our Draft platform from the ground up, and have specifically added components that we as fans craved. Our easy-to-use system allows you to autopick your whole team before the draft starts.

Live Scoring

As the action unfolds in real time, watch your player’s point total change. Find this, plus much more, in your head-to-head match-up. The first minute is as important as the last with Draft.

Projected Points

Our purpose-built algorithm projects player points throughout the whole season based on team results, individual player performances and player history.

Social Interaction

Each move you make during your season is published in our in-game social feed. Become the butt of the joke or the king of the draft, whilst accepting praise and advice from your friends as the league progresses. Let the pressure increase!

Ready for a seat at the table?

Draft Now!

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