@FFPundits Draft - GW7 #2

There is a three minute window between the draft time on this page and when the draft actually starts to allow all members to get into the draft screen. If the league is not filled at draft time, the draft time is pushed back fifteen minutes to allow more members to join.

Team Name ABV Team Owner
@FFPundits @FF The @FFPundits
Putterham United PUT John O'Riordan
The Mighty Boosh THE Simon Whittam
Raging Reds RAG Shaurya Panpalia
Thorno THO Joe Thornton
HmerrFC HME Ben Hamer
The Blazing Squad TH Jack Hollinrake
Kendogs KEN Josh Kennedy
DevilsUnleashed DEV Pranav Chhajed
Gamz' XV GAM kѠεsi Debra

The draft has started!

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League Admin The @FFPundits
Pro League EPL
Draft Type Snake
Scoring Head to Head
Draft Time Fri, Sep 29 9:00 PM
Players 10/10

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